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Everything you need to know about VapeMania Ebisu CBD Lounge


VapeMania was established 5 years ago and we opened VapeMania Ebisu on 2022/4/20.

It is VapeMania CBD Dispensary Lounge EBISU.

VapeMania EBISU offers various services that VapeMania UENO cannot do.

Till you finish reading this blog post, you would understand about the services and how to enjoy CBD at VapeMania EBISU.

I will also explain about the grand-opening party which was held on April 20th, 2022.

General Information about VapeMania EBISU


Store Manager Akikuni Twitter

VapeMania CBD Dispensary Lounge EBISU is 3min walking distance from EBISU Station.

Trip to Japan? This is how you get to the the CBD Lounge, VapeMania Ebisu

This blog post explans how you get to the VapeMania Ebisu, CBD Dispensary Lounge, which opened on Ap ...

The address is

8th floor of Crysty Ebisu Building, 17-14, 3-Chome, Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo, 〒150-0011

Go up the stairs on the left side door inside HEMP CAFE TOKYO.


Even if HEMP CAFE TOKYO is CLOSED, you can still go inside VapeMania EBISU.

Go inside of HEMP CAFE TOKYO, then open the wooden door on the left side. HEMP CAFE TOKYO内にある階段

Yep, VapeMania EBISU is like a hideout.

Once you go up the stairs and you reach VapeMania CBD Dispensary Lounge EBISU.

If you have difficulty going up the stairs, please let the staff know we would help you.

Business Hours of VapeMania EBISU

Business Hours of VapeMania EBISU

  • 13:00-20:30
  • CLOSED ON TUESDAY(including public holidays)

VapeMania UENO closes on Monday

VapeMania EBISU is open on Monday, closes on Tuesday.

So basically, you can come to either VapeMania UENO or EBISU on any day you want. you just need to be careful about the closing day.

About VapeMania EBISU Lounge


VapeMania EBISU is totally different from VapeMania UENO.

There are some services that you can only have at VapeMania CBD Dispensary Lounge EBISU.

There are 3 main features of VapeMania EBISU.



We finally have Private Room at VapeMania!

There is a door to enter this room so it is REALLY PRIVATE.

Up to 10 people can fit in the room.


You can use this room in any way you want.

You can even use for meetings as well. If you would like to have one on one counselling, you can do that as well.

You can have the private room with a group and can talk about stuff.

We will update the reservation plans soon.



After you go in HEMP CAFE TOKYO, you go up the stairs so VapeMania EBISU is on M8 Floor.

The rooftop terrace is towards South West. Up to 4 people can sit down.

The sunset time is like this on the terrace. 夕暮れのルーフトップ

Even if it rains, there is an roof so up to 2 people do not get wet.

The raining sound is perfect for relaxing. Personally I love it. 天井をつけました

We are also planning to have the fireplace so it will keep you warm in the cold winter.

6 seats at the Counter


We have 6 seats available at the Counter top.

The customers are able to put their belongingings under the chairs so they can come during work hours as well.

As you can see, the private room, roop-top terrace, and the counter seats you can sit back and relax.

All of the chairs are for 20 people.

We even have power outlets for you!


Under the counter top, we have outlets ready for customers to use for PC, phone, any gadgets.

There are also outlets for customers at the bottom of the sofas in the private room. ソファの下コンセントIf your phone is dying and want to charge, you can come and charge yours.

Customers are able to use VapeMania Ebisu for their business as well.

You can sit back and relax as much as you want. There are more services that you can have only at VapeMania Ebisu.

Special Services at VapeMania Ebisu

So basically there are 3 different types of seatings at the VapeMania Ebisu.

VapeMania Ueno, you cannot sit down so you can relax more at Ebisu.

There are special services that customers can ONLY experience at the VapeMania CBD Dispnsary Lounge, Ebisu.

We serve CBD Alcohol

CBD Beer Calms

We serve Alcohol at VapeMania CBD Dispensary Lounge, Ebisu.

We have CBD Beer Calms CBD30mg PALE ALE.

I learned about the basic information abut beer so let me give you a short lecture about pale ale.

There are 2 types of beer, Ale and Lager.

There has been a trend for Craft beer recently.

The term "Craft Beer" does not mean the types, basically "Craft Beer" means the beer which is made at the small manufactures not at the big companies.

Because of the law change in 1994, small manufactures get to make beers since then. It was used to be called "Ji-Beer" ( Ji means the place, so beer from the places. they were selling for the tourists mainly this time)

The word "Craft" means articraft. They renewed the name to "Craft Beer" from "Ji-Beer" so that it means it is a craft that they make with their passion. It does NOT just mean that it is from the tourist spots in Japan.

Some companies refuse to use the word "Ji-Beer". They proudly use the word "Craft Beer"

Let's talk about Ale and Lager.

The main difference for Ale and Lager is the fementation. 

Ale is made with "Top-fementation" and Lager is made with "Bottom-femantation."

Fementation for beer-making is the system that yeast separates carbon dioxide gas and alcohol from sugar. The yeats is also used for bread-making.

The yeast can make 2 different type of beer. Once the femetation is going and its going up is called Top-fementation = Ale.

Furtheremore, once the fermentation is going and its going down is called Bottom fermentation = Lager. 

In Japan, basically you can find these 2 types.

The one with the pale color for the ale is called "Pale-Ale."

The pale-ale has nice aroma of hops and malts. 

CBD Beer Calms CBD30mg PALE ALE you can have at VapeMania, Ebisu uses different kinds of hops and makes the unique aroma.

This special CBD Beer also uses the hop called "Citra" so it makes the aroma more citrus. It is a very nice aromatic CBD Craft Beer. 

CBD Cocktails

Green Hero カクテル

You can even mix the CBD soft drink which is released from Pharma Hemp JAPAN with gin or vodca at VapeMania Ebisu.


The CBD Soft drink is carbonated. You can mix either with gin or vodka. You can drop water-soluble CBD with your own choice. 

You can add water-soluble CBD as well to the beer as well. Not too many people do it because they do not want to change the beer flavor.

We are planning to add more menus of alcohol in the future.

You cannot take away the CBD alcohol though, sorry.

We serve CBD Coffee


We serve our hot selling product on our website, Strava CBD coffee.

You can also order as iced coffee. 

For the coffee, some people prefer to add the regular CBD oil not water soluble.

You can choose to add regular CBD oil or water soluble CBD.

Adding any types of CBD is for free. 

Experience smoking CBD Herb with Gravity Bong


You can have the unique smoking experience of CBN Herb which is the most sellig product at VapeMania at Ebisu.

We have 5 Gravity Bongs which makes the water to the nice smooth filter.

If you are like WTF? about the Gravity Bong, check this out.

Prefering the tobacco style?

We have CBN herb joints as well. You can smoke this as well at the terrace seats.


We have everything for you.

If you are having stressful time, please come and chill at our comfortable sofas.

Secret Full spectrum CBD products

We have special CBD smokable product from Slovenia.

I cannot tell you more because it is Secret item.

It is one of the top products you can find in the Japanese CBD market.

You can eat the food of HEMP CAFE TOKYO


HEMP CAFE TOKYO, which is the entrance of the VapeMania Ebisu serves all Vegan food.

The Hamburger in the photo is very juicy, volumy, and good.

You can eat their food at VapeMania Ebisu.

HEMP CAFE TOKYO closes on Tuesday which is the same as VapeMania Ebisu.

Also, HEMP CAFE TOKYO closes from 3pm to 6pm so you cannot eat during the time. You can come to VapeMania Ebisu though.

VapeMania Ebisu opened on April 20th, 2022


VapeMania Ebisu launched on April 20th, 2022 and had Grand-opening party. 

On the day, people could get the special presents like CBN brownies and cartridges.

We were also giving away CBD Gummies from HEMP Baby and Distillate CBD wax Nagomi from VapeMania.

Other companies also sponsored us and we celebrated 420 together.

BECHILL / Bright / AZTEC CBD /Pharma Hempのロゴ

Sponsor Companies

DJ Yuge from VapeMania DJ'd for 5 and half hours.
Dj Yugeプレイ

For the Guest, we invited Dj MARIA.(MOMENT)

Till night, she made the very nice atomosphere of the lounge.
Dj MARIA.のプレイ画像

More than 100 people came to the VapeMania Lounge. it was great grand opening on 420.

Thank you so much

VapeMania Ebisu on Youtube

There was a youtube video from kai-you on 420.

You can check out how to use the Gravity bong too.

Summary of this Blog Post

VapeMania Ebisu is on the west side of Yamanote Line. VapeMania Ueno is on the east side.

From the VapeMania Ueno to Ebisu it is about the same time on either way with Yamanote.

There were some people living in the west side of tokyo telling us that Ueno is far to go.

VapeMania Ebisu is our solution which we wanted to have business of the Shibuya side after 6 years.

This is the list of services at VapeMania Ebisu.


We are planning to update our services and menus at VapeMania Ebisu in the future.

Please keep your eyes on VapeMania!

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VapeMania オリジナル FULL HEMP カートリッジ

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