Trip to Japan? This is how you get to the the CBD dispensary shop, VapeMania by JR!


※JR 東日本 “上野駅” を利用しての VapeMania までの行き方はこちらから

VapeMania is located at 4 min away from JR Ueno Station. Even though it is so close from the station, some people get lost or the google map makes you go around the other ways.

This is the easiest explanation of how you get to the VapeMania!

If you are coming to VapeMania by Tokyo Metro, please check out the other article of "Trip to Japan? This is how you get to the VapeMania by Tokyo Metro! "

Once you get off from Train

Go up the stairs at the platform


These are the 6 routes coming to JR Ueno Station.


In any route, once you get off from the train please find the stairs to go up and find the IRIYA Exit.

Find the IRIYA Exit


If you are using the YAMANOTE LINE, the Ueno Park Exit is right away so you might want to get off from this Exit. However, that makes coming to the VapeMania pretty complicated so please go straight to the IRIYA Exit or Central Exit.

You might need to walk kind of a lot but you are completely right so please keep walking to the IRIYA Exit. 

You would find the IRIYA Exit on the right hand side.

Get off from the IRIYA Exit.


The sign is in English as well so you would not make mistake.

Once you get off from the IRIYA Exit

Go Straight


Once you get off from the IRIYA Exit, you would find the OIOI, NewDays on the left hand side.

Go Straight towards the New Days convenient store on the left side.

Take Escalator


Once you pass the NewDays convenient store, you would see the Escalator on the left hand side. Take either Escalator or stairs. 


The Escalator runs from 7:00 in the morning to 24:00 at midnight.

Walk towards the Red Sculpture.


Once you are going down by the Escalator, you would see the Red Sculpture.

Once you get off from the Escalator, Walk towards it.

Walk across the Jewelry Bridge(Yep that's the name of this Over-Crossing)


This bridge is called the Jewelry Bridge. This is the fastest way to come to VapeMania.

Go straight till the End of the Over-Crossing.


Once you come near the End of the Bridge, this weird looking Sculpture. Walk towards this Sculpture.

Take Escalator to Go Down.


Once you come near the end of the Bridge, Take Escalator to go down. 

What a nice town Ueno City is!

※When it is windy, the Escalator stops so use the stairs on the left hand side.


The running hour is from 7:30 in the morning till the 22:00 at night. It is the VapeMania's business hours.



Once you are on the Escalator, you would find the GINDAKO on the right hand side, then Turn Right at the corner.

The part that the street becomes the Stone Pavement is the sign to Turn Right.


Go Straight till the Street becomes the Stone Pavement Then Turn Left.

Once you turn right at the GINDAKO, you would see the Tourist Hotel's sign. You are basically at the VapeMania.

Go straight on the street then you would see the IC clinic on the left hand sid and you would see the IZAKAYA.


Turn left at the Stone Pavement Street. 

Walk about 30 Meters.

30m 進む

Once you turn left, you would see the street like this. Our store is located in the same building of the Orange color sign.

The building is where we are at. If you walk about 30 meters, you see the Kendo Shop.


Take the stairs on the left side of the Kendo Shop. 


※This is VapeMania's sign.

Go up to the Third Floor.


Once you are inside the building, you see the mailbox and you would see the sign of DropStone.

This is the VapeMania's company name.

Take Elevator or stairs to go up to the Third floor.

Open the Door on the Third floor.


On August 2019, There are few companies on the Third Floor. We are closer from the Elevator and the stairs.

When the door is closed, please open it to come inside.

This is VapeMania

VapeMania 到着

The closest door is the VapeMania and you would see the sticker of Koi Brand.

Please sit back and try our QualityCBD Selections from all over the world.

We accept major credit card.

Enjoy your shopping with us.

Store Manager が選ぶ CBD ランキング

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